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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Day of Playing...

It's been sooo fun to see JJ take an interest in new things in this VERY new place. He is living quite the life getting lots of attention and having lots of fun new things to play with and get in trouble doing:-)

Here he is in the tunnel in the play room Julie set up for her boys and JJ...
He just kept crawling back and forth and we played "Peek-a-Boo" as I poked my head in the other end.
JJ's new favorite Big Play Friend, Eli, pushing him down to the lake. Julie and I walked our kids down there to have some fagyi (ice cream) for Eli, Julie and I as Jared and Julie's husband, Zach, were busy most of the evening.
Eli feeding the swans and ducks at the lake and JJ and Jasper having so much fun just watching them!
Great friends interested in each other...
Hi everybody WAY over the ocean!
JJ definitely needs a bath every night as his feet get black from crawling around the floors here...
Julie brought this tub for JJ and Jasper, but Jasper has been loving to get a bath in the sink! (the good 'ole fashioned way!) I put suds in it and JJ just kept splish-splashing.

Julie told me that it is "so much better" having me here at Speakout. She's spent other Speakouts, by herself, playing with Eli and even though she and I can still get lonely and feel isolated, we are so thankful that we have each other and that our kids have each other!!! What a blessing!!!

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