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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Ball Game, Camping and the Gulf in a day or so?

Yes, amazingly.  We did this!  With our brave every bit of family minus the blood friends.  Since they added another to their mix we had 6 children four years and younger, 4 adults, 2 tents, 1 amazing campfire, 1 incredibly fun inlet to throw rocks and shells into as well as feet and selves…DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?  ESPECIALLY when all of said fun-ness happens for just ONE NIGHT?

First stop: The Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Philadelphia Phillies at the Pirates home training field (Clearwater was sold out, but this was a great park!)

phillies, camping, beach 001

It was a ‘split game’ with the Phillies playing two games at the same time.  We didn’t know who would be there as the other game was at home for the Phillies BUT Raul IbaƱez, Ryan Howard, Wilson Valdez and (First Name ?) Mayberry who seems like a contender for the outfield.  He went 3 for 3 and the Phillies were leading 8-1 at the end of the 6th inning when the kids were ready to go camp!

phillies, camping, beach 002


phillies, camping, beach 005phillies, camping, beach 008

phillies, camping, beach 009phillies, camping, beach 012

The Pittsburgh Parrot was a HUGE HIT and we were so happy that he was OK with the fact that we are Phillies fans!

phillies, camping, beach 020phillies, camping, beach 021

phillies, camping, beach 023

phillies, camping, beach 027


phillies, camping, beach 034phillies, camping, beach 035phillies, camping, beach 037

This is the huge area the kids played in while we set up camp!

phillies, camping, beach 040phillies, camping, beach 045

Anita and I laughed at how we descended upon the camp site with SO MUCH STUFF filling the communal place for all of the 7 camp sites!!  Poor people around us…they gave us graceSmile

phillies, camping, beach 047

For the Family of Six!

phillies, camping, beach 048

For the Family of Four…Jared needed a refresher course in setting up a tent…it had been a long time, but he was a quick learner and Jamie a pro teacherSmile

phillies, camping, beach 049

‘The J’s’ as I call them have become the BEST OF BUDSSmileRolling on the floor laughing

phillies, camping, beach 052phillies, camping, beach 054

Anita is probably telling Brandon and Abby to practice FIRE SAFETY…they are well-trained!

phillies, camping, beach 057

phillies, camping, beach 063phillies, camping, beach 070phillies, camping, beach 071phillies, camping, beach 079

She’s a mover and a shaker…CAN NOT BE STOPPED!

phillies, camping, beach 082phillies, camping, beach 085

We had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and


phillies, camping, beach 089phillies, camping, beach 094phillies, camping, beach 097phillies, camping, beach 106


phillies, camping, beach 107phillies, camping, beach 109phillies, camping, beach 116

phillies, camping, beach 118

They could have done this all day, but it was time for the 3rd stop…

phillies, camping, beach 121phillies, camping, beach 122phillies, camping, beach 125phillies, camping, beach 128

THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!

This was at the Gulf…yes, I know we are blessed and well we will not have this soon so we are so thankful to have the chance to go!

phillies, camping, beach 130

Susie was just SO HAPPY…all of the kids were…that’s why we love the beach…

phillies, camping, beach 133phillies, camping, beach 134phillies, camping, beach 136phillies, camping, beach 138phillies, camping, beach 139phillies, camping, beach 141phillies, camping, beach 143phillies, camping, beach 145

Ok, is this JUST THE CUTEST THING…Yes, that IS a smile and those ARE about four chinsRolling on the floor laughing

phillies, camping, beach 146phillies, camping, beach 148phillies, camping, beach 149phillies, camping, beach 151phillies, camping, beach 153

The J’s played this diving, running back and forth game…it was so fun to watch…

phillies, camping, beach 155

They are the SURFER DUDES…don’t you agreeSmile??

phillies, camping, beach 156phillies, camping, beach 158

I kept trying to get her to play in the sand as she needed constant supervision in the water, but that would last A FEW SECONDS and then she’d toddle right back downWinking smile

phillies, camping, beach 159phillies, camping, beach 161


phillies, camping, beach 167


such a treasure. such a gift.