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Monday, July 25, 2011

Colorado…a whole summer in one post?

Oh dear, dear friends…this has been quite the season!!

I struggle to find any kind of way to sum up the past few weeks, actually months, since I’ve really posted about our family’s life here at Abby Avenue.  I’ve been writing my heart out for a while over here.  A little digging will show it’s been a FULL summer out here in Colorado and a lot of heart work has happened that is necessary as we prepare to make a new place across the ocean our home.

In other news;), I am purposing to revive this blog in preparation for said move and to chronicle our precious little lives so that the craziness does not win!

Our first BIG outing once we got here was to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Unfortunately, our camera died before we could get pictures of the snow we drove to and played in!  But, we did get some pictures of our mini golf game THAT THE KIDS LOVED! before we went to the park!  They both had such a blast!

Rocky Mt. National Park 007

Susie didn’t really hit the ball with her club, but she would put it in the cup and cheer!  JJ was all the pro and even got a hole-in-one! He’s got the touch!

Rocky Mt. National Park 011Rocky Mt. National Park 013Rocky Mt. National Park 014

Rocky Mt. National Park 016Rocky Mt. National Park 019

Susie’s personality has continued to blossom and flourish! She is quite the ‘ham’ and loves to put on shades and be goofy!

Rocky Mt. National Park 002

I had the awesome opportunity to hike Grays Peak with a new friend, Kim and her brother.  It was arduous yet breathtaking—like any worthy journey!


Below I’m with my new friend, Kim.  She and her family will be in Germany and ‘relatively’ close to us!  We can meet up for a weekend in Salzburg!!! ~I know, it’s a tough life we leadWinking smile 

{On another note, almost all of our other close friends this summer are going to closed countries and they will be far and our contact limited—it was powerful to be learning together with them…an honor and a privilege}


This picture below seems to resonate a lot with my heart right now…a beauty around and yet that sense of being on the edge of comfort and I want to leave the fears and hesitance and embrace the freedom of a glorious child of God!


Our overseas Commissioning night.  It was a special time and our hearts were stilled and awed that God would use broken us as a part of His plan to reach the nations!


Below we are with the other Eastern European staff.  Two beautiful young women going to work in Slovenia!


Our Favorite Park!!!!  I took many walks here and the kids played in the splash pad and amazing playground!!!  It was really close too!

Colorado Summer 001Colorado Summer 003

She is in the middle of a dance move here!  This area has instruments and she was banging them and dancing…this spirited girl is really something!!!!

Colorado Summer 011Colorado Summer 014

I love this picture of JJ.  This hasn’t been such an easy summer for him.  He’s had a lot of joy but also fevers and anxiety and asking/saying we need to get our Orlando house back!  But, you know, I am learning to surrender these moving and growing pains as a part of his story…and I am not the one who writes thatSmile One far greater who loves JJ infinitely more is writing that story and it is good.

Colorado Summer 015Colorado Summer 019Colorado Summer 021Colorado Summer 024

Colorado Summer 025

Our last big outing here, was going to Georgetown to ride a Steamie—like Thomas!!!  It is a beautiful ride and JJ said the black train looked like ‘Mighty Mac’Smile

Colorado Summer 033Colorado Summer 036Colorado Summer 037Colorado Summer 039Colorado Summer 040Colorado Summer 042Colorado Summer 047Colorado Summer 049Colorado Summer 050Colorado Summer 051Colorado Summer 054Colorado Summer 060Colorado Summer 079Colorado Summer 082Colorado Summer 083

Much love to you all…I promise as God gives me grace to get back into sharing our lives here with you—especially with many new adventures to come over the ocean!