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Monday, September 27, 2010

Potty Talk

So our now potty-trained (YEAH! SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!) JJ says to me when he's trying to "get his poopies out" and he just "toots" (significantly):

JJ: It's the Raspberry Forrest!

(from Veggie Tales "the Lord of the Beans" when the trees give "raspberries"...the ones from your mouth)

As I say "wow! that's right JJ, sounds like raspberries" and have a good laugh to myself:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Susie’s Chick-fil-A Party

Susie was definitely “under the weather” and didn’t want me to let her go, so I held her the whole time with her blankie…it was sad that she wasn’t herself, but I felt very loved and like a mommy:)

Susie's Party, home, etc 027

Notice my butterfly necklace…Susie’s party had a butterfly theme…it was sweet:)

Susie's Party, home, etc 026  I did cupcake towers for this party with butterflies on them. My friend, Anita, had some butterfly gummies that I used.  But most of them were gummy slices cut lengthwise in half and then I put antlers and a spine in the middle with icing. (if this is what they are called)

Susie's Party, home, etc 012

The kids went back and forth and played in the play area…we were able to get tables right by it, not right away, so we did a little shuffling, but, as always, IT ALL WORKED OUT:)

Susie's Party, home, etc 013

We ordered a nugget tray and sweet tea and lemonade.  If you click on the bottom right pic you will laugh at my face which shows that the lemonade was TART-er than I was expecting:)

Susie's Party, home, etc 014 Susie's Party, home, etc 015

Happy times…everyone LOVES Chick-fil-A chicken! 

(the cows told us to;)

Susie's Party, home, etc 016 Susie's Party, home, etc 017 Susie's Party, home, etc 018 Susie's Party, home, etc 019

 Susie's Party, home, etc 020

Susie's Party, home, etc 021 Susie's Party, home, etc 022 Susie's Party, home, etc 023 Susie's Party, home, etc 024 Susie's Party, home, etc 025


also, if you notice, JJ is surrounded by “girlfriends”…he doesn’t seem to mind:) Susie's Party, home, etc 028 Susie's Party, home, etc 029 Susie was very happy to chomp on fries…

Ha! Who are those young kids—are they old enough to have a baby??!!

Susie's Party, home, etc 030 Susie's Party, home, etc 031Scott, our teammate, did a great job having his 3 girls by himself much of the time.Susie's Party, home, etc 032 Susie's Party, home, etc 033 Susie's Party, home, etc 034 Scott with his wife, Kaye.

Susie's Party, home, etc 035 LOVE this pose/face from JJ—totally a teenager.  And he found his ONLY other boy buddy, Jake.

Susie's Party, home, etc 036 Susie's Party, home, etc 037 still with the fries:)…

Susie's Party, home, etc 038Calista is one of Susie’s best little friends…they don’t get to see each other often enough… Susie's Party, home, etc 039 Susie's Party, home, etc 040Everyone is getting ready for cupcakes!Susie's Party, home, etc 041 Everyone picked theirs out right away…Susie's Party, home, etc 042 And Gracie ate her gummy right away:)Susie's Party, home, etc 043 Susie's Party, home, etc 044 Susie's Party, home, etc 045 Susie's Party, home, etc 046 JJ, again surrounded by girls and eating his butterfly cupcake…doesn’t seem to mind a bit!

Susie's Party, home, etc 047 Susie's Party, home, etc 048 Susie's Party, home, etc 049 Christina giving Calista her cupcakeSusie's Party, home, etc 050 Susie still enjoyed her cupcake, even though she wasn’t feeling the best.

Susie's Party, home, etc 051 Susie's Party, home, etc 052

Susie's Party, home, etc 053

Opening presents…some “My Little Pony” books, a “bath doll” that goes in the bath with you and has bath toys and a hoodie towel for when she comes out.

Susie's Party, home, etc 054 Susie's Party, home, etc 055 Another sweet, squishy dolly…and the right is just a very “real” pic of a not-feeling-so-well baby and a confused? mommy.

Susie's Party, home, etc 056 Susie's Party, home, etc 059

Susie's Party, home, etc 057 “That’s not my dolly” touch and feel book.  I know the boy version of this series, but hadn’t seen any in the girl series.  Thanks Carrie!Susie's Party, home, etc 058  She’s doing zerberts…one of her favorite things right now.  I love her sense of humor…it reminds me of my mom’s who she is named after.

Susie's Party, home, etc 060

Another blessed day…

Susanne Elizabeth…you are a Gift from God and we CAN’T tell you this enough.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celebrating Susie…Her Birthday Weekend

She loves colors like her Mama:) so she wore her “rainbow outfit” for her birthday…and preferred to pull herself up on the TV stand with her brother and watch his new favorite: Auto-B-Good.

This is also your first look at Susie’s birthday present to herself—a “shiner”…she was crawling on the bed at bedtime and when she got to the edge, she slipped and smacked below her eye. She was crying so hard, but I didn’t see where she was hurt until the next morning…tough girl.  She went right for the same place the next chance she had!

 Susie's Birthday, etc 019 Susie's Birthday, etc 020 Susie's Birthday, etc 022 Susie's Birthday, etc 024 

We didn’t have her cake until the next day so our good friends and neighbors could be with us.  We sang to her and put a candle in Mango ice cream…she LOVED it!

Susie's Birthday, etc 030 Susie's Birthday, etc 031

  These are the decorating tools


and the pink, gray and white icing that helped me make…

Susie's Birthday, etc 035 Susie's Birthday, etc 037 

A pink and white puppy:) 

I made it modeled after a lovie Susie has…

Susie's Birthday, etc 040

This one.

Susie's Birthday, etc 041 Susie's Birthday, etc 042 Susie's Birthday, etc 044 Susie's Birthday, etc 045 And I was right.

Susie's Birthday, etc 046

Susie's Birthday, etc 047

She loved it and the pink icing helped:) Susie's Birthday, etc 048 “MMMM…this looks very interesting and fun…”

Susie's Birthday, etc 049

Thank you. I will take these two, please!”

Susie's Birthday, etc 050

“Yum, Yum.  I like.”

Susie's Birthday, etc 051  “MMM…and squishy too.”

Susie's Birthday, etc 053 Susie's Birthday, etc 056 Susie's Birthday, etc 057 Susie's Birthday, etc 058 Susie's Birthday, etc 059 “I want to put it ALL in my mouth!”

Susie's Birthday, etc 060

Susie's Birthday, etc 061

Susie's Birthday, etc 063 Susie's Birthday, etc 065 Susie's Birthday, etc 066 Susie's Birthday, etc 068 Susie's Birthday, etc 069 Susie's Birthday, etc 071 Susie's Birthday, etc 072 Susie's Birthday, etc 075 Susie's Birthday, etc 076 “I have lots of sugar energy now…time to crawl around.”

Susie's Birthday, etc 077 Susie's Birthday, etc 078 Susie's Birthday, etc 079

 Susie's Birthday, etc 080 “ooo, what’s this?” 

These pictures miss the 4 sets of tiny hands that were all trying to open for Susie.

Also (bottom right)…I have no idea, but my face was funny enough…I just HAD to include it!

Susie's Birthday, etc 081 Susie's Birthday, etc 082

Princess dinnerware set:) and a “Sweet Pea Beauty…songs for Little Girls” from Veggie Tales—thanks friends!

Susie's Birthday, etc 083 Susie's Birthday, etc 084

Susie's Birthday, etc 085

Susie's Birthday, etc 087 Susie's Birthday, etc 088 Susie's Birthday, etc 089 But she loved the card most!

Susie's Birthday, etc 090 Susie's Birthday, etc 091

And we ended in the back yard with some swinging…

Susie's Birthday, etc 092 Susie's Birthday, etc 093

“Whoa Susie…here she comes.”

Susie's Birthday, etc 097

Up, Up and Away!Susie's Birthday, etc 094 Love Abby’s smile below and Jared’s face in the next two—he didn’t know I was taking his picture…but he’s still so cute:)Susie's Birthday, etc 095 And so are the “bubs”…Love you kiddos and again,

Susie's Birthday, etc 096 Happy 1st Birthday,

Sweet Susie:)