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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Curious George at Bedtime was the favorite choice of the cousins and JJ while they were staying with us…

Love these pictures…

P1100841 P1100842  P1100844 P1100845 P1100994 P1100988 P1100989 P1100990 P1100991 P1100992

The Train Table and Thomas Trains were a definite favorite for James and JJ…we moved it out of JJ’s bedroom temporarily so everyone had easier access:)



Sarah K said...

Love the pictures Abby! So cute! How's JJ doing too by the way? So scary when they have breathing issues..but sounds like a huge praise that it wasn't asthma related right?! Anyway I'll be praying for you guys - that you get more sleep and have 2 healthy children in the a.m.!

Amy said...

so cute! love the first pic of jj looking up at you....adorable! :)