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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Family Walk

These are some of our favorite times as Jared’s family (mine too!).  I can’t believe we only got to take one when Jared’s brother and family were here…but, thankfully, we got lots of pictures!




The Boys Took Off Running… P1110003 P1110004 P1110005 P1110006

I remember when we first drove into where we live, how beautiful I thought the neighborhood was with all of the lakes and fountains…it’s nice to see these pictures and be reminded of this.P1110007  P1110009 P1110010

P1110020  P1110012 P1110013 P1110014  P1110016 P1110017 P1110018 P1110019

P1110031 P1110020 

I thought JJ looked so beautiful this evening:)P1110022 P1110023 P1110024 P1110025 P1110030 


   P1110036  P1110038  P1110040   P1110043 P1110044 P1110045 P1110046  P1110047 P1110048 P1110049 P1110050

I could definitely see her ripping up the soccer field in a few years…in Jared’s family the boys play football, but I don’t think Dad A would mind if the girls play soccer (right??)

P1110051  P1110052P1110053 P1110054 P1110055 P1110056 P1110057 P1110058 P1110059 P1110060

I love how James is almost as tall as Maribel and he’s 4! I think he will still respect his mama even when he’s looking down on her:) Just like Jared and Jason with Mom A:)

 P1110061 P1110062 P1110063 P1110064   P1110067


Lisa said...

Hey Abby,
Just getting a chance here to catch up on's been awhile! Love the pictures and seeing all that you guys have been up to. You and your family have been in our prayers. ~Lisa

Maribel said...

hola hemana!!! que bellas fotos que bellosrecuerdos fue una gran bendicion estar con ustedes les hechamos de meno y les ammos mucho! gracias por tan lindas palabras Abby y por dejarte usar por Dios para bendecir mi vida! Dios los bendiga!