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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jared as a White Boy

Watch here

His name is spelled wrong and it's a shame that you don't get more Jared footage...but you definitely can see how good he is at it!

A Video Glimpse of Speakout

Watch me

Scenes from the 3rd week (final installment)

Anita read with JJ and helped me put JJ to bed the final night of Speakout. Jared had to get ready for White Boyz and I asked her to help. She was so great with him...later that night she came back and we talked and laughed liked old friends...I truly believe she and her sister Nori will always be in my life...
Anita and her younger sister Nori and I. I didn't see Nori nearly as much as Anita. She went out every day with the Hungarian project sharing her faith. She trusted Christ in the fall of my STINT year and has taken major steps in growing as a believer. I am praying very much that she will be Staff next summer at Speakout.

Here I am celebrating because Anita told me that she was accepted to the University where she applied. This was great news because it is very difficult to be accepted. Many students often have to wait 1 or 2 years until they are accepted.
Jared with Jason (not his brother) who was a "White Boy Wannabe" that night.Jules and I took a break from dancing to snap a picture of ourselves. I miss her already.

Jay took his Dad's place the last week and danced with the White Boyz. His Dad did it MANY years, but decided it was time to pass the baton to Jay.

Jared showing off his muscles in his W.B. shirt.

Two great White Boyz...

Scenes from the 3rd Week (still going)

Jared and JJ reading books...JJ really got into reading them during Speakout.

Jasper had his first birthday and party the last week of Speakout. Below are just a few scenes from it...

Laci (director of Campus Ministry in Hungary) with his daughter Emma.
Sarah with Camilla. She is Zsolt and Zsuzsa's (Campus Ministry) baby girl who is almost two. She was such a delight, always clapping her hands and smiling.
Julie made her "famous" 7-layer bars. The staff (especially the students) loved them and I helped her make these...they were gone very quickly at the party.

Here is Breanna with JJ. She babysat JJ when Jared and I went out for our anniversary...and really enjoyed him.

I really admired Julie for everything she did for Jasper's party. She had some things sent from the States so she could make this Elmo Cake. It is not nearly as easy as going to a bakery a day or two in advance and ordering a cake. You have to think WAY in advance. And then, she stripped Jasper down and let him have at his cake with the RED Elmo icing.
As you can tell he had SO MUCH FUN and cried when he had to get cleaned up.

Scenes from the 3rd Week (continued)

Here is JJ with Timi. She and I were very close over STINT and JJ really liked her--especially her hat!

We went to dinner and then down to the lake with Jared's discipleship group and there was a rainbow!

Here are Viktor (an honorary member of Jared's d-group for the night), Andrew, Will, Kevin, my J's and Jason.
I snapped this shot of Jared's d-group by the water because to me they looked so "sweet" sitting there together. God really gave them a great bond throughout Speakout and I hope that that continues throughout their lives. They are four special young men with great hearts and desires to serve the Lord...

Awwww....sweet family!

Scenes from 3rd week of Speakout (Sports Day)

I took JJ out for the beginning of Sports Day the third week. Some of the girls were planning to play sports, but when JJ (and Jasper) came out, they decided that that was more fun.

Eli liked to talk to everyone at Sports Day through the megaphone. He welcomed them and said "here at Speakout we like to talk about God."

Here is Jared explaining the sport of baseball/softball.

As you can see, they caught on pretty well.
Here is Amanda with JJ and I. Throughout Speakout I met with Amanda on a weekly basis and sort of adopted her as my little sister. She was a discipleship group leader for the first time and this was a great challenge for her. It wasn't an easy summer for her, but it was very rewarding and I was so thankful that I could be a part of it!

Scenes from 3rd Week of Speakout

Long overdue...we arrived back at our "home" in Souderton last night and I am now getting to the last installment from Speakout...

This is Anita with JJ and I. She is very special to me from my STINT year and she came back the third week of camp and we had such a sweet time together.

Anita with JJ...she helped me take care of JJ a lot! She has a younger sister who is several years younger and I got to see how comfortable she is with babies.

JJ was the apple of every (girl) camper's eye. (his mama's too;-)

One morning he got a cheerio stuck on his nose and didn't realize it! We thought it was the cutest thing and had to snap some pictures!

One day he had so much fun going back and forth in the tunnel.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free Day...

We had a pretty low key day off on Friday. It's nice for me and JJ to have Jared around all day...

One of the highlights was seeing our buddy Pete from STINT. Unfortunately, he left before Jared or I could talk too much to him...regardless it was wonderful to see him after more than 2 years!

Jared, JJ and I walk up to the palace. It's about a 15 minute walk from where we are staying...

JJ didn't really want to take this picture, can you tell?

We thought we'd take some pictures of these really pretty gardens for my father-in-law. The Math major in me likes the geometric elements...

Scenes from 2nd week-FINAL installment

Here is Jared with Ricsi...He trusted Christ when we were at Speakout 2 years ago! It was so great to see him here again!
Here is Jared with Jay (our STINT team leaders' son) As he says to JJ, "Your name is like mine doubled!"
Some 70's costumes for our final camp night.

My dear friend, Stephanie, from STINT and I having fun!

Here are two of the same pics of Jared and I after his White Boyz "number". I am just keeping them both because I couldn't figure out how to delete one without deleting all of the pics that took so long to upload.

Scenes from the 2nd week of Speakout (continued)

Each week at camp is completed with a "cookout" which is different for most Hungarians complete with burgers, chips, iced tea and corn-on-the-cob. The first week was quite disappointing as the burgers were made out of pork and were more like "meat chips". However, we were all so excited to have some really good BURGERS for the second week.

I'm not sure their mouths can open wide enough for them!

Krisztian with his corn and Sanyi with his burger.

Our team leader when we were on STINT, Dan, always cooks the burgers. Here he is chatting with his daughter, Jodi (on Staff with CCC in Hungary). He cooks about 200 burgers!

Jared with our buddy Andor who had come to Speakout 2 years ago when we were here! It was great to see him again!

Julie and I with Sarah (her sister Priscilla was here 2 years ago)

Here is the final day's Tutor Time and Jason (0ne of the guys Jared is discipling) with his group hanging out at the beach.

Here is Gergo, who LOVES JJ! Every time JJ sees him he gets a big smile! He really likes his hat too!

Here is JJ with Nikki who is so special to me as I knew her on STINT. This is her first year as STAFF and she is growing a lot! She has such a great personality and we all love her!

Jared with some campers...

Here is Jason with his tutor group again--it is traditional to exchange gifts at the last Tutor Time and his guys chipped in to buy him that hat! There's also Stephen, Andor and David.