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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beautiful Baby Boy...

Here are some pics of our sweetie pie JJ...still with those kissable cheeks!

We loved him in this outfit that we put on a cool night here, he had just gotten a bath and I just couldn't get over how beautiful he was/is!

Doesn't JJ look like a little British School Boy? I thought this was the cutest as Jared had dressed him on a cooler night as I was icing the BIG BRUISE I got on my cheek from playing flag football (I thought it would be worse, so thankfully it wasn't!) There were no clean pants and Jared came up with these shorts, socks and Robeez...TOO CUTE! and it gave me a good smile and laugh when my face was hurting...

Did I mention JJ's first word is 'BooALLL' for ball. I tried to get a video of it at the same time that I was taking this picture, but he wouldn't say it then (of course). He says it a lot for balls and every time he wants to play with something or finds a new toy.

This was so sweet! He leaned his head in so this camper, Andi, could kiss him. I had never seen him do that before!

With Nora who refers to Jared as "JJ's Daddy". She always has to stop and give JJ a kiss when she sees him...

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