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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scenes from the 3rd Week (still going)

Jared and JJ reading books...JJ really got into reading them during Speakout.

Jasper had his first birthday and party the last week of Speakout. Below are just a few scenes from it...

Laci (director of Campus Ministry in Hungary) with his daughter Emma.
Sarah with Camilla. She is Zsolt and Zsuzsa's (Campus Ministry) baby girl who is almost two. She was such a delight, always clapping her hands and smiling.
Julie made her "famous" 7-layer bars. The staff (especially the students) loved them and I helped her make these...they were gone very quickly at the party.

Here is Breanna with JJ. She babysat JJ when Jared and I went out for our anniversary...and really enjoyed him.

I really admired Julie for everything she did for Jasper's party. She had some things sent from the States so she could make this Elmo Cake. It is not nearly as easy as going to a bakery a day or two in advance and ordering a cake. You have to think WAY in advance. And then, she stripped Jasper down and let him have at his cake with the RED Elmo icing.
As you can tell he had SO MUCH FUN and cried when he had to get cleaned up.

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Julie said...

I love that picture of him crying to leave... I am going to have to swipe it! Ha ha. So funny... and so dirty. Let me know how your pre ordered delicious cake turns out... yum