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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scenes from 3rd Week of Speakout

Long overdue...we arrived back at our "home" in Souderton last night and I am now getting to the last installment from Speakout...

This is Anita with JJ and I. She is very special to me from my STINT year and she came back the third week of camp and we had such a sweet time together.

Anita with JJ...she helped me take care of JJ a lot! She has a younger sister who is several years younger and I got to see how comfortable she is with babies.

JJ was the apple of every (girl) camper's eye. (his mama's too;-)

One morning he got a cheerio stuck on his nose and didn't realize it! We thought it was the cutest thing and had to snap some pictures!

One day he had so much fun going back and forth in the tunnel.

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