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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Staff Hunt

Staff Hunt is on Monday nights at Speakout. The Hungarian and American staff dress up in various costumes and "hide" themselves either on the walking (shopping) street in town or down by the lake. Groups of campers then have to find as many of the staff as they can.

Sisters Dusi and Kinga...very clever outfit! It definitely made me laugh!

Jason as a banana...I think he got a little hot under there, but it was funny.
I loved seeing Nikki as a flower!
Eli was a little "Mini Me" of his Dad Zach who used to have longer spiked hair and in the morning classes where he begins each morning with asking everyone, "Who wants to have some fun??"
His was my favorite costume...he is sooooo cute!!!

Jared's discipleship group:
Andrew: Pizza man, Will: (crazy) pizza man, Kevin: soccer player and Jason: the Banana

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