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Sunday, July 13, 2008

(More) Fun times at the lake...

We had a beautiful day off and here Jared and JJ are down by the lake. We brought plenty of crusty bread to feed the swans and JJ just LOVES looking at them at watching them. (Mom&Dad, I think we will have to find some swans to feed back home, Lake Lenape? Do they let you feed them?)

My sweet boy! He's winning everyone's heart here

Sweet Eli came down with Julie, Zach & Jasper and snuggled right in the middle of Jared, JJ and I. He is so endearing! We were throwing bread side-by-side and we try to throw far enough so the ducks can get the bread...they still have to be quick because those swans can be mean and are bigger.

The two little ones sitting by the lake in their strollers

"Hey buddy, how ya doin' over there??"

"Wish we could get out of these straps, JJ, and get into all sorts of TROUBLE!"

"Yeah, Jasper, I'll spring you and then you can get me out of here!"

"I love swinging with Daddy!"

"Hey Mama, you can swing too!"

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