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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Transportation Museum...I wish Owen could have seen it!

On our day off we went to a Transportation Museum here in Keszthely.
Here it is from the front. Eli loved it and I know that my nephew Owen would too. It's a little boys dream with all of these model towns with train tracks that go through mountains and work perfectly!

We went to the part that had a whole bunch of model towns in Hungary, Germany and Austria. Here is a highway with cars that go...

Here is a lookout place and the palace at Keszthely is right behind...

One of the trains moving...around the mountain

These two trains looked like they were going to crash, but then the one stopped and the other took the other track...just like real trains.

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Staci L. Photography said...

Hey, guys! I LOVE seeing all these pictures & experiences that you are having over in Hungary. :-) I can see through your photos that you guys are doing what God has called you to do because it is evident in your enthusiasm, in your smiles & in the words that your write. I love it! God is SO amazing. :-) We're so lucky.