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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scenes from the 2nd week of Speakout (continued)

Each week at camp is completed with a "cookout" which is different for most Hungarians complete with burgers, chips, iced tea and corn-on-the-cob. The first week was quite disappointing as the burgers were made out of pork and were more like "meat chips". However, we were all so excited to have some really good BURGERS for the second week.

I'm not sure their mouths can open wide enough for them!

Krisztian with his corn and Sanyi with his burger.

Our team leader when we were on STINT, Dan, always cooks the burgers. Here he is chatting with his daughter, Jodi (on Staff with CCC in Hungary). He cooks about 200 burgers!

Jared with our buddy Andor who had come to Speakout 2 years ago when we were here! It was great to see him again!

Julie and I with Sarah (her sister Priscilla was here 2 years ago)

Here is the final day's Tutor Time and Jason (0ne of the guys Jared is discipling) with his group hanging out at the beach.

Here is Gergo, who LOVES JJ! Every time JJ sees him he gets a big smile! He really likes his hat too!

Here is JJ with Nikki who is so special to me as I knew her on STINT. This is her first year as STAFF and she is growing a lot! She has such a great personality and we all love her!

Jared with some campers...

Here is Jason with his tutor group again--it is traditional to exchange gifts at the last Tutor Time and his guys chipped in to buy him that hat! There's also Stephen, Andor and David.

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