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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scenes from the 2nd week of Speakout

Here are some pictures of the other "stations" during American culture night the 2nd week.

Campers making S'mores...They marshmallows need to be "imported" from the States, not the Chocolate though (they use "Boci" chocolate which is Hungarian) and then some round cookies that come in a roll in place of graham crackers which they also don't have here. Most Hungarians have NEVER roasted a marshmallow (can you believe it??) and many enjoy the s'mores, but some say they are too sweet.

Enjoying the S'mores...

There is also a movie station where the kids get quizzed on American movies.

This is the Holiday station where the campers choose one from the group and decorate them with all sorts of American holiday items. (Which holidays do you see here??)

Sisters Erin and Rachel with Jasper--so sweet. They went home early and we miss them.

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