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Monday, February 16, 2009

Flowers and our Valentine's Day...

These were the flowers that my sweetie got me for Valentine's Day. No "night out" for us...not even a movie in(I know..."LAME"!) But, as I was telling my friend Sarah, I woke up knowing he loved me and went to bed even more convinced of it, so that was a great Valentine's Day!
I am so looking forward to "doing it up" next year for Jared and JJ! I will probably cook a very good "celebration of being over sickness" meal in a few weeks!

The most beautiful baby boy...

Seriously, have you ever seen a more precious one?
(I know, your own, but you have to agree on the adorableness:)

Why I've been absent...

Well, thought I'd let all my blog friends on why I've been sort of's winter (even in Florida) and I haven't been taking many pictures because JJ has been doing most things with his papa (going to the park, going for walks, PLAYING...EATING (especially)...I mean everything except the cuddles just about) So, why is that?

Well, I've been really, really sick. I've been nauseous and tired for weeks, yep, you guessed it! I'M PREGNANT! I need you to comment and gush about this, because it's been hard to remember amidst the sickness.

Just for a quick re-cap. I am about 8 weeks along and started getting sick between 4 and 5 weeks and really sick at 5 weeks! I was unable to hold anything down, even ice chips and popcicles were hard. I had my first ob appointment and she was worried about me losing too much weight (i'm sure dehydration too) so she prescribed a great anti-nausea medicine that has helped many of her patients. It used to be incredibly expensive, but now with a generic and only a $5 co-pay it is so great that I can have it! It has helped me keep things down, but like with JJ, I have NO APPETITE for food...there is very little that appeals to me and if something does I get sick of it and it doesn't after a couple of, that's what's been going on!

I've been spending a lot of this beautiful Florida weather on my bed, with the door closed so that I can't smell things in the kitchen...It's been sad, BUT as I've thought much throughout this, it's for the best reason that I am sick! I know I will get better (with JJ was better 11-12 weeks, hopefully the same, YOU CAN PRAY!) and I think of dear friends and family currently battling cancer or other infirmities without knowing if they will get better. I'm trying to keep perspective and am so thankful that Jared's job is flexible and he can help so much!

So, that's me...don't forget to "gush" in comments to encourage me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My beautiful boys...

Here the guys are before church one week.
My husband looks really cute here, doesn't he?
Notice the cell phone again:)

A little of what we've been up to...

Well, we've been absent for a little'll hear more about that soon (as to why)...but we do love and miss blogging, so I am attempting to catch you all up a bit...
Here's our precious baby boy who has gotten quite into "snuggles with mommy" after Daddy gives him his daily evening bath...I cherish these times...
I tell him "I love you JJ. I love you high as the sky. I love you deep as the ocean and wide as the sea. I love you long as the world is round." I think he's started to understand and just looks at me as I am saying priceless!

Ok, so, first of all, notice the "fluffy". We've had some cold, frosty evenings here in Florida (lost a lot of plants b/c we didn't know to cover them!) and I had to buy JJ sleepers! This is my old cell phone which still lights up as I still have the "charger". He loves it, as you can see.

JJ loves to throw my vitamins, cream, anything he can into our tub. Today we put him in there to play...
Here's the other "fluffy" I had to buy him so he could stay warm at night.