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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots of Baby Susie Pictures...She's getting Chunky!

Now there's a yawn for you!

The ones in multiples, I just love so much, I can't figure out which to post...

Did I mention she cries? I increased the redness but not by much!
I thought this was one of the cutest outfits she got, and since it's newborn and won't be worn too long, I wanted a picture--but here, she was having none of it!
"Am I supposed to be awake or asleep?"
"Asleep? Oh, that's what I thought:)"
"Don't I have a cool tongue??"
This has been a new favorite when she is fussy and she's been taking some naps just like this!
Can you see she's chubbier? The bath really shows it.

We've always joked that my sister Kristen has a "deviated lip" from 2 traumatic instances as a baby (falling out of the crib and being dropped by my Dad)...So Kris, Susie's tribute to your "deviated lip".

Some mommy time captured....

The one day while I was blogging, I was posting all of these photos of my kids with family, Daddy, friends, etc. and realized that there was not one with me. Of course I am happy to be capturing them with others, but when they grow up, I want them to know that I was there with them:) So I asked Jared to try to remember to pick up the camera and get some Mommy shots...he's done a great job!

Every evening, JJ comes into my bedroom after bath and "uggies" (snuggies) with Mommy. Usually this means sitting and asking to see some sport, but this time he really did "Uggy" with was so sweet and I'm so glad it was captured...
I kept giving him kisses and he said "more kiss"...

Unfortunately, the best picture of the kids, I have my eyes closed:( As you can see JJ loves to give kisses to "Baby eesie" and she definitely knows when "Big Brudder" is around and is starting to brace herself for all of the "love" he's going to give her:)

My twin sister gave me this sling to use. It is wonderful and I love seeing her nestled in there and she is usually happy(despite the middle picture) and will fall asleep in there during fussy evenings and I can get things done while she sleeps.
I love the one to the left...I think I'll need to frame that one:)
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Walk

Last Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous true fall days with highs 70 and cool breezes and lows in the 50's at night...we got to wear pants! It was so nice! We are back to mid to high 80's:( but our family enjoyed two very fun walks...something we hope to do alot more of in the days ahead.
I suppose we were being a little over protective with the fleece cap, but isn't she adorable:)

We think our development is gorgeous with lakes/ponds all around us and "duckies!" We've taken to feeding the duckies bread recently...
JJ was running up to Jared and I saying, "Catch Mommy"..."Catch Daddy!"
We thought it was pretty cool to see the rainbow in the fountain.

"Hey everybody! Wanna join us for this walk??"

"Catch Dad-deee!!!"
"Chillin' on my feet!"
"Chillin' on my bottom"
I love this picture! Couldn't you just Gobble Him UP!
Daddy was trying to lure the duckies...they were quite shy and even with throwing bread close to them didn't "get" what we were trying to do!
I love this picture of my family...can you see all of the duckies? They were being shy again...
I think JJ is calling to them "Come duckies, it's ok...we want to feed you!"

It was definitely very fun...reminds me that we need to go on another one of these today!

Friday, October 16, 2009

MiMi and PopPop visit, Part 1

Although MiMi and PopPop especially came to bond with Susie and help us after the baby came (and help they did)
(I really like the bottom right picture. I think Susie likes cuddles with Daddies and PopPop's!)

There was a little blonde two year-old who most loved their visit...and so did we because of how special they made JJ feel!
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MiMi and PopPop visit, Part 2

As you can see from the pictures, JJ was very loved upon the week that Jared's parents, MiMi and PopPop spent with us.
They brought JJ a circus cars from the Thomas train set.

They also played ball with JJ inside and outside and just basically gave him special love and care...very much "what the doctor ordered" for this little guy.

I don't know about you, but these are precious pictures...JJ is just letting us read longer stories to him before bed and PopPop did a great job with that at bedtime!

MiMi had the great idea to make oatmeal raisin cookies with JJ. (YUM!!) I said that I would be curious as to how he did, because I hadn't attempted anything like that...well, he definitely was interested and "helped" with the butter and liked to crack eggs (he wanted to do more!), but then was pretty quickly ready to move on...but I will try to do this with him soon! Thanks for the idea MiMi!

We're so glad you visited us! Come again soon!! Hopefully it won't be another year...but we'll take you whenever we can get you!
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First bath with Daddy...

a thumb sucker??

A smile?? we've already had a few...I think she's advanced!

Priceless baby girl:)
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Hey look! I can already...

...palm a basketball!
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"Big Brother"...

I was so thankful for this series of "classic" JJ photos to spotlight the "Big Brother" he is so quick to tell anyone is his new special role in our family. He just becomes more and more priceless to us and is adjusting well to his new situation...not without his moments, but full of tenderness, love and JOY for all of us! His sissy already shows signs of adoration:)

Playing with trains...adding the circus cars from MeMe and PopPop to his "James" train.

Loving the Nerf balls sent with MiMi and PopPop from Uncle Jason and "Tia" Maribel, primo James and prima Marie for JJ's birthday!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bonding with Daddy

As I'm sure is no surprise to you, Jared and his baby girl Susie have formed quite a bond already. He is able to put her to sleep better than anyone and I think sometimes she fusses just so Daddy will hold her. Seriously, I love seeing them together! How sweet...I think I will have to be the "tough one" on Susie as it's hard to picture her Daddy disciplining her too much;)
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