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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lots of Baby Susie Pictures...She's getting Chunky!

Now there's a yawn for you!

The ones in multiples, I just love so much, I can't figure out which to post...

Did I mention she cries? I increased the redness but not by much!
I thought this was one of the cutest outfits she got, and since it's newborn and won't be worn too long, I wanted a picture--but here, she was having none of it!
"Am I supposed to be awake or asleep?"
"Asleep? Oh, that's what I thought:)"
"Don't I have a cool tongue??"
This has been a new favorite when she is fussy and she's been taking some naps just like this!
Can you see she's chubbier? The bath really shows it.

We've always joked that my sister Kristen has a "deviated lip" from 2 traumatic instances as a baby (falling out of the crib and being dropped by my Dad)...So Kris, Susie's tribute to your "deviated lip".


Sara said...

I love the one on her back with arms in the air. She is just so, so darling. Looking alot like Kelsee to me too and of course, Marmie . . .

Sarah K said...

she is so cute Abby!!! and getting so big! how is life adjusting to 2? i think about you guys a lot and wonder how it's all going! i can't wait to meet her sometime! i love the way newborns sleep in such funny positions!

Julie said...

she is super cute, I cannot wait to meet her and I love all the mommy shots with your kiddos... precious! I noticed that JJ and Jared are in pants...and long sleeves for JJ, you need to inform me on the weather there! What to pack... cannot wait to see you soon