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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Walk

Last Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous true fall days with highs 70 and cool breezes and lows in the 50's at night...we got to wear pants! It was so nice! We are back to mid to high 80's:( but our family enjoyed two very fun walks...something we hope to do alot more of in the days ahead.
I suppose we were being a little over protective with the fleece cap, but isn't she adorable:)

We think our development is gorgeous with lakes/ponds all around us and "duckies!" We've taken to feeding the duckies bread recently...
JJ was running up to Jared and I saying, "Catch Mommy"..."Catch Daddy!"
We thought it was pretty cool to see the rainbow in the fountain.

"Hey everybody! Wanna join us for this walk??"

"Catch Dad-deee!!!"
"Chillin' on my feet!"
"Chillin' on my bottom"
I love this picture! Couldn't you just Gobble Him UP!
Daddy was trying to lure the duckies...they were quite shy and even with throwing bread close to them didn't "get" what we were trying to do!
I love this picture of my family...can you see all of the duckies? They were being shy again...
I think JJ is calling to them "Come duckies, it's ok...we want to feed you!"

It was definitely very fun...reminds me that we need to go on another one of these today!


Amy said...

such precious photos of you and your cute little family! :) looks like JJ is a wonderful big brother and Susie is absolutely precious! i'm jealous of the nice weather you're having. we're in the midst of a nor'easter - it's been raining ALL day. :)

Sara said...

The one with his hair flying up in the air really reminds me of some shots I have of O. So, so cute!