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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Side by side of the Susies

I thought I would do a comparisonof what I have at this point of my susie and her namesake. I know that the one of my mom below is a little blurry and that she is older than Susie (so I will have to try this again when my susie is older:), but what do you think? My sister says that they have the same eyes and I have to agree. I think the noses are similar will be fun to watch her grow and see what the similarities are like.

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Shauna and Ben said...

oh...I definitely see similarities!

Amy said...

i definitely see lots of similarities. what a cutie! :)

Julie said...

I can see it in the pictures too

Sara said...

hopefully she'll be as cute as her Mor Mor, but without the temper. lol. She really does look like her Mor Mor