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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some mommy time captured....

The one day while I was blogging, I was posting all of these photos of my kids with family, Daddy, friends, etc. and realized that there was not one with me. Of course I am happy to be capturing them with others, but when they grow up, I want them to know that I was there with them:) So I asked Jared to try to remember to pick up the camera and get some Mommy shots...he's done a great job!

Every evening, JJ comes into my bedroom after bath and "uggies" (snuggies) with Mommy. Usually this means sitting and asking to see some sport, but this time he really did "Uggy" with was so sweet and I'm so glad it was captured...
I kept giving him kisses and he said "more kiss"...

Unfortunately, the best picture of the kids, I have my eyes closed:( As you can see JJ loves to give kisses to "Baby eesie" and she definitely knows when "Big Brudder" is around and is starting to brace herself for all of the "love" he's going to give her:)

My twin sister gave me this sling to use. It is wonderful and I love seeing her nestled in there and she is usually happy(despite the middle picture) and will fall asleep in there during fussy evenings and I can get things done while she sleeps.
I love the one to the left...I think I'll need to frame that one:)
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1 comment:

Sara said...

You are so stunning in this middle one with your absolutely stunning daughter! God job, Jar! BTW: I'm not in many pics with my kids either and I have to ask to get my picture taken with them. I'm not photogenic like you, so no big deal:-)