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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kids (and Moms) in the Pool

Julie and I were so excited to set up this pool for our kids outside the back door right by our rooms. We had visions of our little ones playing contentedly and us talking to each other or reading, etc...Well, the younger ones (Jasper and JJ) didn't want any part of the pool without Mommies. So, Jules and I quickly put on our suits and sat right in there with them. As you can say JJ is CLINGING to me.

Eli was "happy as a clam"...unfortunately, the littles didn't like his splashing so he couldn't play like he would have liked to...
JJ is teething "up a storm", can you tell??

Thankfully, Julie and I still got to have some adult conversation with each other...the little ones did warm up TO and IN the pool. We are still very hopeful that they will enjoy it some this summer. It has been really pleasant and not sooo hot, so perhaps in those SUPER hot days, we know will come, they will really get into it!

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