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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Visits…Beach!! Riptide!!

Jared’s brother, Jason, (pictured below) his wife, Maribel and their 2 kids: a son, James (14mos. older than JJ)  and Marie Victoria (1yr. older than Susie--below) came to visit for a week and just left yesterday morning.  We had a wonderful time.

These pictures will (mostly) speak for themselves…of our day at the beach with a STRONG riptide…it was crazy! We didn’t know what to do at first and JJ was scared…so it was different but beautiful and fun nonetheless…P1100867

Marie wasn’t so sure about all of this and I’m sure the riptide didn’t help things…

P1100848 P1100849

James was just like his Daddy…all over being in the water…he didn’t like the salt in his eyes

P1100850 P1100852

Love these…


What do you think they’ll think of this photo when they’re teenagers?? 

I know something about these two: they are two of THE handsomest little boys around:)

P1100857 We are missing Susie, but this is already so adorable…could you imagine with her too?

P1100858 P1100859

So because of the unpredictable waters, the water came up over where we first put our things…everything got all wet and sandy…


Marie wasn’t too happy and Susie fell over and was all sandy, but…

P1100862 P1100863 

…we recovered: she eventually wanted to JUMP in the water!P1100869 P1100870 P1100872 P1100873 P1100874 P1100875 P1100879P1100877  P1100880 P1100881 P1100882  

Again, I love this guy…he is very sweet and so full of life—I have missed him since we moved to Florida…   P1100888

P1100922   P1100896 P1100897 P1100894









This tells the story…there was no calm sitting at the end of the tide…it would try to pull you in…

P1100898 P1100899  P1100931


Love this…Brothers, Daddies, Sons, Cousins:)

P1100926 P1100929 P1100904

P1100905 P1100907

Daddies and Daughters:)

P1100908 P1100909 P1100911 P1100912 P1100914 P1100916

One of my All Time Favorites:)

P1100919 P1100921  P1100937


She has the longest eyelashes—like a dolly:)

 P1100939 P1100942 


P1100947 P1100949  P1100955 P1100958 P1100959 P1100962 P1100967 P1100968 P1100972  P1100977  P1100979 P1100981 P1100985

I’m so glad we got these because she only kept the shades on for a few seconds…oh my:)

P1100986 P1100987

1 comment:

janine said...

What great pictures! Such a fun day! As we get older, aren't the times with siblings, cousins, etc. so incredibly precious (especially when you don't live near each other? I'm so glad we got to spend so much time with Brad's family this summer (although my kids are really missing their kids, which makes me sad!).

Love you and can't wait to see you again!