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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Slew of Birthdays…Susie’s 1st Birthday is TODAY!

Well, I must say this year that Birthdays in August and September have hit me HARD, and I have NOT done a good job honoring these incredibly special people…I only hope they’re not wounded for life;)

When Jason and Maribel were here, we had an evening where we celebrated Jared’s birthday (one month late) and JJ’s (about 2 weeks late)…I tried to make up for it with Ice Cream cakes that Jared had called last year “a new favorite”.

This one, I think, was Mint Chocolate Chip! Yum!


JJ’s still a bit unsure about candles…maybe he remembers burning his finger on it last year…his friends blew this one out and he clapped the same!

DSCN3986 DSCN3988 

We tried to get a picture of Mama and Son…you get the idea:)

DSCN3989 DSCN3990

The Family One went better…don’t you think

DSCN3991 DSCN3992



  DSCN3995 Then, on Labor Day, the day before Jason and family left—we celebrated Marie and Susie’s birthdays on Sept. 11th and Sept. 18th respectively.  I made my first attempt at a “Princess Cake” for our little princesses—especially Marie, who none of us can believe is 2!!

Susie got a little heart cake with her candle…she thought the candle was very interesting, but it was quickly blown out before she had the chance to explore too much!


This is a great picture…I think Maribel and James look alike here! Marie isn’t looking because she’s too busy eating the icing! Can you tell her finger is in her mouth??


Here she is in case you weren’t convinced!


Susie is entirely unsure how she feels about all of this…she didn’t even really go for the icing??!!

DSCN4157 DSCN4158

Marie’s still licking her fingers…


By the way, what do you think of my first attempt at a Princess Cake??  Let me just say that the cake decorating kit my friend, Anita, gave me, was a HUGE help as you can make anything look good with enough icing;)


Though not quite tiaras—I thought these headbands and wands were cute for the girls to have

DSCN4162 DSCN4163 DSCN4164 I love how you can see Marie’s amazing eyelashes here and James is sitting in the back here—he sat there quietly and focused eating his cake.  I guess he has started to like more kinds, but I made this one a banana cake because I knew this was a kind that he liked! and so did everyone else!


Susie did not want to be a princess this night…


not even a little…


Then came the SKYPE call with Jared’s parents to open the gifts they had sent for Susie…as you can see, JJ is the one ripping through them…


Susie is none too pleased…


“Mama, I want to open the presents!!”

DSCN4172 DSCN4173 DSCN4174

“It is tough being the 2nd Born when big brother won’t let you play with any toy or do anything you want—he’s always trying to do it for you”…fast forward 20 years in the counselor’s office;)

DSCN4176 DSCN4178 Jared’s parents are telling me something that is VERY INTERESTING for me, AND VERY UPSETTING for Susie…


Actually, Baby Girl was just very tired from a late night at Sea World the night before…

We LOVE you so much Susanne Elizabeth and “thank our God upon our every remembrance of you”…we pray that He leads us in every perfect way as we seek to raise you as a Godly woman who “shines as the stars in the Heavens”…

We cannot believe one year of your life is complete…

Oh Lord, help us to enjoy this precious little girl and give us many moments to notice and learn how You’ve made her and to nurture Your Life in her…


Julie said...

those are fun cakes Abby, you can make me a cake any day!!!! :) And how did you make the mint chocolate chip? I am interested int he recipe... Poor Susie. Jasper acts the same way, so I have to make sure Eli is no where near the gifts so that Jasper can do it. I love her little cry face and that you posted the pictures... they are so precious. Also, the boys looked through the post with me and kept saying "Baby Susie" "JJ" we play with them? I WISH... HUGS dear friend

Amy said...

cute cakes! time flies, my friend! i can't believe i never got susie's birth gift out to you and now she's a year old :( forgive me! p.s. we love banana cake around here, too - hard to find, though :)