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Monday, June 30, 2008

JJ's new playmate

It was with great anticipation that Julie (Jasper who is on the left's mother) and I awaited when our little ones could play together. God has been so good to provide this experience at Speakout for Julie and I. Julie was the one who recruited us to come on STINT and Jared and I became great friends with she and her husband, Zach while we were here. They already had a son when we were here. His name is Eli and he has grown up so much and is talking, talking, talking! (Pictures of him will come shortly) He already loves JJ so much and is so sweet with him and he's had the great practice because he's been a big brother to Jasper. Jasper is almost exactly 1 month older than JJ and they are getting along very well, doing a lot of the same things and just really, really, really loving another little person around them!

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