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Monday, June 30, 2008

Scenes from the journey to Hungary

We made it to Hungary, but not without delays! We were delayed out of DC for 4 hours and then missed our connection in Frankfurt, Germany to get to Budapest which delayed our trip even longer (6-7 hours) and finally arrived in Keszthely, Hungary around 11pm local time on Saturday. It was great to get to know these AWESOME young people in the journey here!

Courtney(Minnesota) Rachel & Joel (TX), Kaelyn (California) and Claire (Texas) looking bright-eyed at the BEGINNING of our journey and delays.

Sarah (California), Brittni (Florida), Anna (California) and Courtney (Florida)

Sarah (Minnesota) lovin' on JJ...he made friends with ALL of the Americans quickly!
JJ hung out with Courtney a lot while we were waiting, he really likes her!
JJ on the flight to Budapest from Germany--the ONLY one that he had a seat...He liked it, but the seat belt didn't keep him too constrained...
In the hotel at our briefing in DC
JJ playing with the "man in the mirror"
He can't believe how fun he is!!

More playing cards in the airport: Jason(Indiana), Amanda (Alabama), Jewel (Indiana), Hannah (Ohio) and Janelle (Michigan)
They are playing some game (Skrim??) that is from the South
Kristy (NC) Will (NC) Eric (Florida) Kevin (NC) Andrew (Colorado) and Megan (Maryland)

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