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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've been away...

Sorry for not letting you know sooner, but we've been away...we went to Myrtle Beach...ROAD TRIP! 12-13 hours both ways with our little JOY. So tough to be couped up in the car at this age, but he did great!! We were at the Getaway Conference with Student Venture that the students and leaders from Orlando were at...I got to meet many people and we got very excited about the people we'll be with when we move to Florida. We also had an awesome week of ministry together, though it was a bit of a challenge as a mama:-)

JJ loving the rest stop and a chance to stretch out!
Doing his "whooooo" noise

Family photo at the Beach
JJ's not so sure about the Ocean which I guess is normal for his age.

Baby 'Cutie' Boy!!!!

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