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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting back and trying not to be depressed

Hi everyone who reads this! (don't know how many of you there are, but I LOVE YOU!)

I am back from my nearly week-long hiatus of blogging.

The reason??
Time with sisters and nieces and nephews...How great is that??!!??

I will post pics tomorrow of last Monday with my sister, Kristen, and her girls. They are the sweetest!

Then, hopefully I'll get some of the pics from our time in New Jersey with my dearest of twins, Sara, and her beautiful two-year old, Owen and her newborn twins, Judah and Layna. It was incredibly hard to leave and we are always so "down" after we leave each other (incidentally, I usually pick a fight with Jared in the car!) Especially in these days as we contemplate a move in the near future to Florida. In my twin's words, "I am just trying to figure out a way that we can SHRINK the country!!" How sweet is that!!?? It is amazing because she grew up not wanting to be a twin (at least as a teenager when I was QUITE dramatic, needy and EMOTIONAL)...God has been so good to us these many years as twins!

Pictures will come SOON!

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