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Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're going to Hungary!!

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! On Friday, late morning, we received the "go ahead" to go to the Summer Project, Speakout (for more information about how we will be spending most of our summer go here), in Hungary!!! We are so excited for JJ's FIRST trip to Hungary and an awesome opportunity to re-enter ministry...full-force and with a mixture of all of the best that we love in this calling that we are so blessed to have received. We will also be practicing the discipline of simplicity as we lay aside many of the things we think we need and "make due" with what there is...and find great joy in it. It will also be an awesome reunion with many special ones that were such a part of our year in Hungary. God is soooo good!

We also were given the "go ahead" to plan our move to FLORIDA!!! Wow!! We are still a little bit short of our monthly goal and will work towards full completion of that as we prepare to move to Florida and get ready to go to Hungary, but we have been blessed with many special gifts, enough to be confident to walk ahead as "fully-funded" into ministry! Words cannot describe how humbled we are at this provision and all that the Lord continues to bless us with--it is so deeply written upon our hearts that we are "blessed to be a blessing". As the Lord pours over us His manifold blessings, our hearts respond in gratitude and are filled with the earnest desire to walk faithfully each step in this calling...

I pray all who might read this will be encouraged to step out in faith and know that our God is faithful to His children and BELIEVE that He can and will do "exceeding immeasurably beyond all that we could ask or imagine" as we commit our lives to Him in His great purpose of drawing all peoples to Himself!

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Chelle' said...

YEah for you guys Abby. Hungary!!!! God is so good.

Looking forward to the many testimonies of faith and praise reports that will come from your time abroad.