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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pictures galore...

A sampling of the past few days in random order...

Jared with his beautiful, tiny niece, Layna (I can see him with a daughter, can you?)
Singing "The Wise Man builds his house upon the rock..." with nephew turned into a blessed memory of family devotions that we intend to weave into our little family.
My beautiful baby boy sleeping...always priceless
JJ with dear friend Jess' baby girl...already going after the older women, just like his daddy:-)
Can we say "ADORABLE"???
Chillin' with PopPop Keener...but not for long!
Jason and family at our birthday dinner to celebrate Mom A's birthday!
From our trip to New Jersey this weekend!!!
The twins: Layna (left) and Judah (right) on their 2 month birthday!!!
Mom Mom feeding JJ
Looks like Mom Mom's aim is a little off!
Cami eating strawberries like her Mom did in her "um berrs" days...
another sweet sleeping picture...
Here's JJ with two older women!
Hayley and Brynne--Jess' two daughters. I have to say he has GREAT taste!!

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