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Monday, May 5, 2008

Beautiful Family Times

Along with the oh so cute JJ, there is a smattering of photos from some beautiful Alleman family times over the past few days. We consider these times so sweet as we know life will change for us very soon!

What a cutie pie!!

This is his face when he's "grrrrrr"ing (my twin sister calls it a roar!) It's usually when he wants more food. If you look closely, you can see his tooth!

"Hey everybody, look at my SUPER cool ride!"

"Hey cuz, let's go cruisin'"
"Now let me show you what this baby can really do!"

Here is the Jason Alleman family being reunited at the airport after 3+ weeks apart.

I love this picture of James. How precious it is when they are so active and always going and then unexpectedly you find them asleep in your lap.

James looked so much older after almost a month of not seeing him.

JJ has already learned how to wink!

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