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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Close cousins

My sister, Kristen, gave her Sit-n-stand stroller to my brother-in-law, Jason and his wife, Maribel who are expecting their second. JJ, James, Jared and I tested it out on the beautiful day that was my birthday...It seems like I'm keeping my camera really close these days because each of these times is so precious...

Ever-the-ham, James wanted to wear JJ's hat (which used to be his, does he remember??) and just stuck that tongue out as I was taking the picture.

OKAY, even the impartial eye says, "SO CUTE!!"

Just one of many sweet moments between these two during this walk. JJ adores his big cousin and we think it's mutual as James would lean down and kiss JJ and we would find JJ gazing up at James...we hope that they grow up feeling more like brothers than cousins...

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