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Sunday, May 11, 2008

the next generation of sisters...

I'm sure that when many people hear that my sister Kristen has four children, and they are ALL girls, their reactions can be "oh my, just wait until they are teenagers, or what drama!, etc.", but I only see sweetness and the awesome opportunity for the richness of relationships that my three sisters and I are so incredibly blessed to have. Here are some photos of these beauties from a couple of weeks ago when Jared and I took care of them while my sister was working.

What else do you do on a rainy day after school?
You get a big Scooby Doo blanket and make a "tent" for you and your sisters.
There's even room for your little boy cousin to crash the party.
Here's one attempt to get them all together--the two-year-old, Cami, wasn't cooperating.
Nothing better than snuggling with sisters...
or having a big sister that loves to play with you.

On this Mother's Day, with the absence of my own mother, I am so thankful to have three amazing sisters who preceded me so beautifully in motherhood and to whom I can wish a very blessed Mother's Day!

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