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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Will my boy crawl??

Now I know that JJ is still within the average age to crawl, but he seems to NOT like his tummy at all. He started to like it more, but now is back to not liking it. In his defense he has HUGE cheeks to lift up and some major girth! But, as I said before, he LOVES, REALLY LOVES, to stand. Even more, he ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO JUMP! Perhaps he is the first baby who will jump everywhere to get places--a little Tigger. I think I will start to call him that!

"Okay, Mom, this is pretty nice. I can eat a toy just as well like this!"

"Oh, maybe I can get around this way! Wow!"

"Boy, that sure is tiring! I think I will just suck my thumb and hope someone rescues me!"
Seriously, isn't this SUCH an adorable picture!!??!!

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