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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Singing "today (actually yesterday) is your birthday!!!"...

WELL IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TOO!!! How many of you can sing that song to someone you truly loved and who has shared every birthday with you?? Wow, well I'm sure not many, if any, because it's definitely the song for TWINS!!! My very first blessing that each birthday brings, here are some others:

  • the joy of reflecting on another year of God's faithfulness
  • the awesome privilege of a sweet, beautiful husband to greet me on my birthday morning with a heartfelt card that almost brought me to tears
  • the amazing service of a mother and father-in-law who would work together to make me a special "birthday dinner"
  • a BABY BOY to share a birthday with! (he turned 9 months!!)
  • the sweet shower of "HAPPY BIRTHDAYS" from friends near and far...
and the list goes on and blessed that I almost forgot that I turned 34!! Who turns 34? and is still considered "young"...well, I sure hope that's me:-)


Chelle' said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

Feel free to add our friendship in your list of birthday blessings.

I'm so grateful for you Abby.

Be Blessed today and always. :0)

And 34 sure better be young because I'm not behind you!

Chelle' said...

Oops... I'm not FAR behind you...

Clearly multi tasking with three children, a busy daddy, and the looming Pens Redwings game is too much for blog comment accuracy.