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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots o' pics from Saturday's picnic

So many pics...we just couldn't stop taking pictures of our adorable baby boy with family...

His first graham cracker...we think he likes them!
Joseph likes to PUSH!
Tio Jason and cousin James in the hammock... a definite favorite!
JJ loves his Tia Maribel and giving her eskimo kisses...HOW SWEET!
JJ's first roasted marshmallow...well, almost...we let him get close, but not eat yet
Happy Hammock Boy!!
I was so afraid it would tip and he would fall so I'm hangin' on!

Look Dad!!! JJ already likes John Deere tractors!!

Tio Jason taking JJ down the slide...
Daddy's "sac o' potatoes" hold...always a winner!
WWWoooaaahhhhh horsie!!

Our "joy of life" BABY BOY!!

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