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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blessed by the Bells

On Friday evening, Jared, JJ and I had the awesome privilege of spending an evening with our dear friends the Bells. I actually first knew Julie when she roomed with my older sister, Kristen, their freshman year of college (20 years ago!!). Then Jared knew them as Jeremy was the Youth Pastor at our church when Jared was in college and after college as Jared came home and volunteered with the youth. Jeremy officiated at our wedding and did our pre-marital counseling. Incidentally, they were instrumental in connecting us with the ministry in Hungary through Campus Crusade. It was Jeremy who asked Zach & Julie to come to the youth group at our church. They have four beautiful children that we adore: Eli, Ethan, Rachel and Micah. They are such a great family. We had so much fun laughing and picking Jeremy and Julie's brains about balancing ministry and family life...they are a treasure to us. We love you all!!

JJ "livin' it up" with the women (l-r Eli, Rachel and Julie)
Ethan making JJ laugh!! (we tried to get a video of it, but he didn't laugh:-/)

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