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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Memories

James' first turn with a croquet mallet...he was a natural and didn't threaten the lives of others right away (wink, wink)

I hadn't played croquet in years and it is a happy family memory when my siblings and I used to be all together and we'd spend days like this was very fun!

JJ took his first ride in a bike trailer. It was our neighbor Mike's and his son Mikey wanted to ride in it with JJ. JJ was "chillin'" as usual and he and Mikey were buddies in there. How cute!

JJ loves doggies and this was a big one...maybe SOMEDAY (far away) we'll have a dog...we'll see.

Jared, JJ and I went for a walk at the Perkiomen Trail and I ran into an old high school friend that I hadn't seen in 15 years!!! How cool is that?? was so nice to snap some shots afterwards with JJ!

James was given neighbor Mikey's old bike and now they are eyeing each other up in the bikes... "Hey, wanna drag race??"

We tried on this loppy beach hat and thought JJ looked SO CUTE in it!

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