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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Elysburg, is that said "ELLIS-burg" Jared?

One of the most awesome things about being on this journey of support-raising for Jared and I is that it is really a journey of re-connecting with so many that line the paths of our lives. We have both been blessed to visit with people who are each other's good friends and even just acquaintances from early childhood, throughout our school and college years and beyond.
This weekend we were able to re-connect with a dear friend of mine, Beth. Beth and I taught together at Souderton for three years before she got married and moved away. I had not seen her since her wedding nearly 4 years ago. She and her husband have moved to Elysburg (not "ELLIS-burg" or "ELI'S-burg", but EEL-EES-burg!) We had a nice visit and JJ was able to experience some real firsts in Elysburg!

JJ had his first real interaction with a dog with Beth and Kyle's dog, Riley. Riley was very friendly and even gave JJ a few kisses. JJ didn't quite know what to do as you can sort of see here by his face. But he definitely was quite interested in Riley the Pooch.

Kyle is a classical pianist and introduced JJ to the piano. I definitely think JJ was interested, but his interest waned quickly (is it too early to worry about ADD?)

The main reason that Jared, JJ and I visited the Sunbury area was to meet some supporters that have joined our team even without meeting us! Dave (pictured below with JJ) is married to a mutual childhood friend of Jared and I (Rebekah). He invited many of his friends over and made a meal for everyone (even though his wife was away!) so that we could share with them more about our ministry! What a huge blessing!
Thanks A LOT Dave! What a huge blessing you were to us this weekend!

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Julie said...

Hey Abby, I am sooo thankful you moved over. I have added all the blogs I look at to my Google Reader to save time...and I realized I hadn't been seeing your blogs or my friend Heather's because I couldn't with yours and hers was password protected... and I just realized this and went to your site to see you here :) I am now going to add you to my google reader and I will be able to read all your new entries...yippee!!!