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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's Take a Walk

It all started when my dear friend, Jamie, and I decided to take a walk. Jamie and I taught and prayed together at Souderton High School for one year before I went to Hungary. We then had sons a month apart and now we and drinking in the nice days to take walks together and solve all the problems of the world in the process (as women are good at doing:-)! Well, last Thursday must have held many problems because we decided to take a walk around Lake Galena at Peace Valley Park.

As you can see the lake is rather large

It was a gorgeous day and so we plopped our little cherubs in their respective strollers and off we went, heading the opposite way along the trails that go around the lake that we both normally would. At one point Jamie posed the thought of how long it would be to walk the WHOLE way around the lake...almost 7 miles! We both entertained the idea, glad for a little adventure and lots of exercise and decided to go for it! At one point we both stopped and fed the boys THEIR lunches and each found a moment to snack on a granola bar ourselves and drink plenty of water and WALK, WALK, WALK! It really did seem to go quite quickly and our little guys were so good. They each slept, but only for 45 minutes of the time of so and the rest they were content to look around everywhere.

Here we all are at Jared's parents' house after the 'BIG WALK'

I guess that the moral of the story is:
when your friend asks you to take a walk on a beautiful day and you've both been stuck inside most of the winter with your babies, you'd better wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring plenty of water because you might just end up walking 7 miles around a lake!

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