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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whooose the cutest lil' baby...gutcha, gutcha goo!

Yes, I am a babietalkaholic!!
Surprisingly, I was able to get these great pics today. I say "surprisingly" because my baby who is normally quite content wasn't so today. It was my fault since I woke him up (by accident) to show my mother-in-law how he had rolled over to his tummy in the crib. This, in itself, is not an amazing thing, but considering that he would NEVER roll onto his tummy, even though I knew he could, because he HATED being on it. Now he's rolling onto his tummy and I think will be getting the fact that he can move around (i.e. crawl) before too long...and we can already see that he wants EVERYTHING!

Anyhoo, I took these pics while we were getting ready for our walk. After JJ woke up from his "early afternoon" nap EARLY (he takes a later one too--3 a day still!) he wouldn't go down later and was bawling, so I decided we would go for a walk and lay him down in the stroller to sleep. He was bawling right before and after (I think) these pictures, so I don't know how I got him to smile.."mama's touch" I guess...

"Mama, can I PPPLLLEEEAAASSEEE play with the sunscreen now!!!"

"Can you see my rash?? It really doesn't bug me, but it bugs my mom and THEN SHE BUGS ME trying to put all sorts of stuff on it to make it go away! I wish she would just leave it alone...By the way, what's this thing on my head??"
"I think that I want to pull it off!"

"See you again, soon, everybody!"

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