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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bringing over some photos...

Playing with his new toy and wanting to STAND!

He's the 'big cousin' looking to Mommy for approval
Stroking Layna's hair "GENTLY" (too bad he's not that gentle with Mommy's hair!)
Looking up to Big Cousin Owen--
we hope they are good buddies as they grow up!
Enjoying Baby Einstein together

Here I am, relishing the joy of 2 babies!!
My twin sister's twins: Judah Jay and Layna Kay
My sister Linea, nieces Kaylie and Kelsee and of course, our beloved, chubby JJ!

Swinging in the neighbor's swing! It's a favorite spring activity, for sure!
"Talking" to my niece Kelsee

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Mami Janine said...

Yeah! Welcome to blogspot! Now I can put you on my google reader and know when you post an update! (your old website wouldn't let me do that!).

Love all the pics of your little cutie! You are such a great mommy!

Love you!!