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Sunday, April 27, 2008

How about a tackle??

Here is JJ with a new little buddy, Dominic. Jared and I were sharing about our ministry with Dominic's parents and incidentally, Dominic's mom is Jared's second cousin.

I would say nothing unusual here. Dominic was adjusting to another baby boy in "his" house even though JJ had just attempted to make friends with Dominic by taking his hand and grabbing Dominic's face. It was pretty extreme, but "so far so good".

Things continue to look pretty normal here, but, as you can see, JJ appears to be "eyeing" up Dominic. Well, his next attempt at friendship came in the form of a "shirt tackle" where he grabbed Dominic's shirt and pulled him towards him as if to tackle him. It was really quite something as JJ kept going for him even when we pulled him away. This was too much for Dominic and he burst into tears. Jared, myself and Dominic's dad, Jason, were all laughing as we observed JJ's first football move. I have no doubt that my boy is ALL BOY and is going to be as rough and tumble as they come. I just hope he is a big, 'ole teddy bear inside!

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