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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creative Anita

My friend Anita's JJ just had his 1st birthday and she made these cupcakes and she said she has a cupcake tower she put them on for his birthday cake. I think (given the following post) this would be perfect to do for JJ's 2nd birthday cake. She really did a good job with the details! I'm not sure I could do as well, but she said that she'd help me:)
(sorry the picture is blurry...we could use a better camera, but it hasn't happened yet)
I really like the car one too...what a cute idea!!
He's getting ready for 4 months from now!!


Lisa said...

Hey Abby! Thanks for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. I love keeping up with you and your family through your blog and it's been fun to get to know you better through it.
I can relate to your last post...Aaron also has asthma and really loves sports as well. At times I'm tempted to think it's unfair that he has both a love for being active/sports and asthma- that could prevent him from playing them, but I'm quickly reminded that God is in control, and knows exactly what is best for his little life. It's funny how young they begin to have these types of interests. Anytime Chad is watching anything sports related, Aaron is right there along side of him.
I love all the pictures of JJ--he is so adorable.

Sara said...

little munchker! Don't talk about his 2nd b-day . . . I won't be there!