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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt #2

If you go back two posts, you will find that at JJ's FIRST Easter Egg Hunt, I had THOUGHT I got many wonderful pictures of him picking up the eggs, BUT my camera didn't have it's memory card and so THERE WERE NO PICTURES:( Well as my friend Anita (bottom two pictures) and I were planning our Easter day/dinner, I asked if we could do an Easter Egg Hunt. (My main motivation was that I didn't get pictures at the first one, so I wanted a "re-do"! Now, is that a blogging mom or what!!??) So I filled about 40 eggs the night before Easter (yes it was a late night!) and Anita and I hid them in her back yard. Her kids, JJ and and Noah and Zoe (other neighbors kids--no pictures of them:() all hunted for the eggs!

As you can see, JJ did very well picking up the eggs and putting them in the bag with a full completion by clapping for a "job well done" with each egg!! (he does this after anything we've encouraged him to do--including finishing the food on his tray by stuffing several pieces in his mouth!! it's adorable and we like to think we are raising a very affirmed and AFFIRMING child!) But, you can also see that he got side-tracked easily (note: sandbox top right)

Also of note: in the bottom pictures, Anita was working hard to get her little JJ to pick up an egg, when his big sister (on a mission!) swooped right in and snatched it! Lil JJ wasn't too upset.

All of the kids really seemed to enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt, so that made stuffing all of the eggs WORTH IT!
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Shauna and Ben said...

Love all the Easter posts and pics. This year I'm pretty sure Tobi had no idea what was going on...but watch out next year she'll be diving for the eggs I'm sure. And by the way, Abby - you look great! Not a day older than when I saw you last! I miss seeing you in person but I'm so glad to have this glimpse into your life and have this re-connection!