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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jared on the local news

Hi friends,

I thought I'd let you all know that my husband has become famous...Well, not quite, but to me he always has been! Seriously, though, he did make the local news (there is a brief span where you can see JJ sitting next to him) as a part of a piece on the All-American Cafe. This is the cafe where we've had our Bible Studies since we began them with students at Boone HS. I moved the girls' one to Tuesday evenings, but Jared meets faithfully here with his guys on Thursday morning. This clip is of a special thing that the owner Tommy is doing. He is having a "pay what you can" Friday morning breakfast every week! Since we started to meet at the Cafe, Tommy has expressed how these economic times are weighing on him and recently he shared problems in his marriage with Jared. We continue to pray that Tommy draws closer to the Lord and places his faith in Jesus. He is just one of millions who are seeing their need for God and for community in these tougher economic times.

Use this link to view the video (sorry there's a couple of steps)

Then go down to the video section and search:

1) Through the drop-down menu on the right of the "search videos" window choose "last 7 days".

2) Then type "Cafe lets Customers Choose Price" into the "search videos" window and then click the "Search" button to the right.

3) The story is the first one of the videos that comes on, so double click on it.

Hope you can watch it...

Jared with a view at his table where you can see JJ and then his interview is at about the 1:45 mark--if you need to view it quickly, but the whole thing is good as you get to meet someone (Tommy) whose been a part of our ministry since the beginning. (Jared had his first outreach to the football team at this same place!) Hope you enjoy!

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