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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big boy...but still little

We've been putting on some one piece outfits that are JJ's size and they are so cute on him. I like them because he still seems like "a bit of a baby" in them...however I can't get over how big he looks in the one on the right!
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Amy said...

Thanks for your comment, Ab. Your little boy is absolutely adorable...those eyelashes! :) I'm sorry to hear about your mom....I didn't realize! I'm sure I'll have questions for you as we journey down this road with my mom. Thanks for your support :)

Sarah K said...

These pictures are so cute! They do look so big in those one piece outfits when they're this old don't they??! Amazing how fast they grow! I think I have a couple of those for Noah this summer..can't wait till it's warm enough to wear them! How are you feeling these days? Hope all is well and miss you guys!