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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Baskets!!

I had a lot of fun putting together an Easter Basket for JJ and Jared (bottom right--that's his!) I think I really enjoyed making this holiday special (as a family...knowing Jesus makes it perfectly special) because I was so sick over Valentine's Day and didn't really get to love on either of my men in any special way:( I realize how I love to make these times of the year special, because my mom did for me. It's really neat too, because my mother-in-law has that same heart too (JJ got his first Easter gifts from her and PopPopA), so it's fun to be able to love special people in this way:)

p.s. Mom, I forgot to thank you for the Easter towel! I LOVE IT! My friend Julie was saying how a friend had sent her some special Easter kitchen things and I was thinking how it would be fun to have something like that too! And now I do! Thanks!!!
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