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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zoo trip with friends

The following few posts are of our trip to the zoo last week. We went with our friends Anita (mom) and her kids Brandon, Abby and JJ.

It was really fun, because the last time Jared and I went with JJ was in the fall (when we bought the season pass) and he was so much younger then, but it was still a good time. Before we went that morning, I put in Baby Einstein's "World Animals" video, which has alot of the zoo animals. He was really interested in it, which made me all the more excited to take him.

So far, as for animals he knows how to say "beard" (bird), "at" (cat), "dodgy" (dog) and says "baba" for sheep...because that's what the sheep says. So, he put each of the animals in one of those categories...he did really well recognizing the tigers, cougars, etc. as an "at". I would say a BIG "at." A lot of the animals were "dodgies", if they were bigger, and he didn't have a word for the elephants...all in all, it's just so fun to see him learn new things and be so interested in the world around him.

p.s. don't forget to click on any of the collages where you want to blow up the pictures.

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Sarah K said...

Wow great pictures Abby! I'm ready for us to get outside and do all those fun things too!!! How are you feeling these days? All the sickness gone? Been thinking about you guys lots and hoping all is well!!!! You're almost halfway through right? Wow...time flies! Anyway have a great day!!!