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Friday, April 10, 2009

A "DaDa"!!!

This is the scene whenever "a DaDa" mows the lawn. JJ just CAN'T GET ENOUGH of watching Daddy mow! The top left center picture is actually the screen cap of a video (that I haven't had the patience to get on the blog yet) where JJ ran across the back porch as "a Dada" mowed across the back of the house. And the ones of JJ on the side of the porch were him watching "a Dada" as he came in sight with the mower then eagerly waiting after he mowed out of sight and then waving and flapping all limbs (somethings he's done since very little when he's excited) when "a Dada" came back with the mower!! I know he loves watching the mower but he REALLY loves his "a Dada!!!" pushing the mower:)
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